The aged season

 The days get shorter and the leaves start falling, the weather nippy and summer has come to an end. Beautiful autumn shades surround us with another one of nature's painting masterpieces. Through the beauty though, we're reminded it's because of the death of the leaves. Their journey is almost over.... and it's at the end of their journey when they give the most amazing color! Soon the tree will be bare, with no life in the leaves to show for, as the tree will become dormant. But what a beautiful life that was once lived! Let us keep this in mind even for our own life, and our fellow citizens and friends. There is a beauty in aging. Our life has these seasons too. I'd like to remind you to slow down this season, to love on the aged ones, who've had much life and love given, and who have a certain kind of beauty and wisdom that only time and age will bring. Listen to what they have to say and do something kind for them, and live today with a purpose true!         Happy Fall!