Perfume oil

Perfume oil

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Building Block: Jojoba oil and fragrance and/or essential oil. 

The perfume oil comes in 10 ml glass roller balls with a metal ball. 


Beach- Beach day with salty sea spray, sand, jasmine and mandarin. (Fragrance)

Bourbon Cypress & Tobacco- Bourbon and tobacco leaf are enveloped with notes of cypress, lemon zest, western red cedar and guaiacwood. (Natural Fragrance)

Chamomile & Lavender- An herbal, light and soothing blend of chamomile blossoms and lavender. (Essential oil and fragrance oil blend.)

Lavender Vanilla- A warm and calm combo of Spanish lavender and warm Madagascar vanilla. (Fragrance)

Lemon pound cake- Delicious blend of angel food cake, lemon and vanilla. (Fragrance)

Oatmeal, milk & honey- Decadent notes of honey, tonka bean, whipped vanilla cream and almond milk. (Fragrance)

Rice milk & cardamom- A natural and delicious treat for the skin, made of Indonesian nutmeg seed, cassia bark, whipped shea, green cardamom pod and basmati vanilla.  (Natural Fragrance) 

Orange woods- essential oils of lavender,  patchouli,  orange and anise blended with jojoba oil. 

Allergy relief- essential oils of lavender,  peppermint,  lemon,  Eucalyptus and cedarwood blended with jojoba oil.